Adult Nooks

One of the motivations for the move was to create a comfortable space for grandparents to stay – a proper guest room that meant they didn’t have to share a bedroom with a pile of paperwork or a bathroom with the boys.

Another was to create some boltholes…somewhere to curl up with a book uninterrupted by TV or PS4. These three are in our loft bedroom, the kitchen and the guest room respectively.


The guest room chair was an antiques fair find just before I bought my first flat – it’s been through two moves and some reupholstering but I think this is its best home so far. It feels a little oriental in style to me which is not my usual taste, but the black painted wood and square but elegant shape means it fits in anywhere. Very comfy too. Both it and the cushion were done with off-cuts – the chair seat is in spare fabric from our old sofa and the cushion is leftovers from the sitting room curtains.  Santa is a Christmas visitor – picked up from our local market to welcome my mum for the holidays.

The loft room rug was another find – this time from an antiques shop and gallery in Rye. I think it was destined for this room: we saw it when we were visiting a friend for the weekend partway through the project. I didn’t buy it at the time, but once home I couldn’t stop thinking about it. When I finally decided it would work I rang the store, convinced it would have gone. By good chance it had been sold on approval, only to be returned that very day, as the customer decided it didn’t work with her colour scheme. Her loss was our gain.


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