Old Patterns Die Hard

This post was inspired by @forestgatebijou (fellow Forest Gate house restorers) who Instagrammed a pic of some wallpaper they’d uncovered while renovating. Which set me off on a nostalgia trip, lamenting the lost patterns of yesteryear.


First up is this gem which we found behind the radiator in the back bedroom. I really wanted to try and save a section for framing, but the message didn’t get through to the crew, so this photo is my sole memento. I love to imagine the excitement of the little boy  whose room it was (given the era I’m assuming it was a boy), when it first went up.

Image may contain: outdoor

And, with apologies for the terrible resolution, (it was taken several phones ago) there’s this. We found it under the floor at our old house when taking up a carpet, sadly too brittle to save.

I also love my collection of Midwinter Madeira pattern crockery, which called to me from a Columbia Road shop window just as we were buying the house, and this little Llangolen dish picked up in a charity shop in Rye.


Plus of course everything ever designed by Lucienne Day.  Still saving up for some Calyx Curtains.


Not quite sure what it is about mid-century pattern – it might be to do with the use of colour, or maybe the (deliberate?) imprecision of the shapes. Whatever it is, for me it has a verve which contemporary work struggles to match.





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