Cocktail Time

It’s Friday and dry January is over so it must be cocktail time…We somehow missed out on the cocktail revival the first time round (probably because of having the boys), but are now ardent fans, thanks to lots of experimentation at the fabulous Arch Rivals, just around the corner from home.


We can’t match the Rivals’ mixology skills but we’re learning. And of course having a professional setting helps…

Once you get into cocktails there are an inordinate number of bottles required, leaving aside shakers, ice buckets, sugar cubes etc.  And we also had a collection of martini glasses to house.

I’d been hunting for a midcentury sideboard on eBay for some months, and there was almost too much choice. But we’d have struggled for space, whereas this tidy mid-century cocktail  cabinet fits neatly. I was a bit lukewarm on the formica lining but it’s grown on me – hope to get the light rewired and working at some point too. Compared to sideboards these are pretty thin on the ground, so worth snapping up if you see one you like.

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