Cups and Jars (and plastic squeezy bottles)

It was really nice to read author Eimear McBride’s praise for local favourites Wanstead Tap and Wild Goose Bakery in last weekend’s Observer.  I’ve featured some Wild Goose goodies in previous article FG Food and one of the pictures in this week’s Friday blog was bought at the Wanstead Tap – at one of the regular E7 Craft Collective fairs.

This article is about another local gem – our new zero-waste organic grocery store Cups & Jars on Woodgrange Road. Alongside the fabulous food they’re making it  easier for Gaters to go green, by offering grocery staples in bulk. I’m still running down my supermarket stocks of dried goods, but the last fortnight saw us at the end of our shower gel and washing up liquid, so it was time to refill.

Cecile and Everson have thought hard about making it as easy as possible, with a collection of donated second hand bottles available in store.  So if you run out midweek don’t want to carry your own bottles to work and back, it’s not the end of the world (just remember to return the bottles when you’re done with them). The products themselves are kinder to the environment too, and generally no more expensive than supermarket equivalents.








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