Something old, nothing new

So, while it turns out that I embarked on this project on January 1st 2019, I didn’t actually realise I’d started until around April.

img_0169It was then, when I picked up this vintage jacket at the Absofab Retro Market in Leytonstone  (there’s one today in Buckhurst Hill, not to be missed) that I realised I’d not bought a stitch of new clothing since the start of the year. So I wondered if I could possibly get through to the end of June, and I did. And then it was pretty much downhill all the way to 31st December.

It wasn’t easy, but then again it wasn’t massively hard either. It was a kind of liberation wandering through Westfield knowing there wasn’t even any point in window shopping. And another kind of relief when I got dragged into a Shoreditch boutique by an enticing window display, only to discover the beautiful dark green blouse that had called to me had apparently been made for an elf. (Who knew elves had £180 shirt budgets?). And a third kind not to have to judge oneself by what did or didn’t fit.

Aside from the money saved (which went quite a long way toward our holiday), and the feeling good about the planet thing, it made me think again about what I already had. When I couldn’t resort to topping things up as I got stuck, I started playing with different combinations, and looking properly and critically (in the way I would at a room) at people whose style I admired. And I think I might just be a bit better dressed at the end of the year than I was at the start.

I worked hard for those holes

I’m not gonna lie though, I already had a couple of online baskets filled and was hovering over the Purchase button when Big Ben struck. Because it’s not really fair to the good people of Aldersbrook and Forest Gate to keep these running leggings from the bin a minute longer.

And after all that work on being better ‘put together’ I came to loathe turning up at meetings in my garishly sensible cycling jacket, so I’m treating myself to this waterproof coat from Protected Species and some reflective armbands.

And then I’m going to have a good think about what I actually need (and just possibly a stroll round Canary Wharf in my lunchhour to get my eye back in).

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