Kitchen Shelfie

So this was actually forced on me by my plant murdering antics – but here’s a quick post charting the shifting contents of my kitchen shelf – currently starring in a Houzz article on floor to ceiling units. When I started the project I was going for an urban jungle type feel with the plants so verdant they were almost forcing their way off the shelf.

But once the plants started suffering it all got a little bit sparse, despite the addition of a couple of new pieces, including a lovely Hornsea pottery coffee pot picked up at an antiques market on holiday last year.

It desperately needed a boost and I remembered this lovely flower bowl from Anagram Antiques’ Instagram feed, which luckily Steve still had available.

Which gave me a chance to move things around a bit and promote the Hornsea pot to the plant shelf (where it kind of blends in on account of its greenness).

Still needed more though, so I broke out my vintage sugar jars from their home in the larder (lovely as they are they’d proved somewhat lacking in airtightness) and put them on show. A quick tidy of the lower levels and it was done, for now.

And the moral of this story…even objects benefit from a change of scene from time to time, and a quick revamp can be done for little or no cost at all.

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