Beer Can Cacti

In the latest of my ‘anyone can do craft’ posts, a quick project inspired by my friend Sandra Jackson of Absofab Vintage. She mentioned she’d been planting cacti in old beer cans so I thought I’d have a go (I’m sure hers are much neater than mine).

I’m intending one of these for each of the boys’ rooms – I’m always trying to insert a few nice bits into the clutter in the (so far) vain hope they might be inspired to tidy up a bit.

This was a super quick thing to do, and also fits with my money-saving ethos for 2019 – the cacti were £2.50 each, one from a community stall and one from our local florist, and the beer was delicious.

I was experimenting with methods as I went along and I think the second attempt (the cat can) worked better – still not perfect but it gave a neater finish. Obviously care needs to be taken when cutting into metal – but you know that.

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