Art in the Bath(room)

I wanted all our new bathrooms to be clean and simple, but also to have some visual interest. I did a bit of investigation online but none of the bathroom art advertised was really my style – all a bit hotel-y for my taste, or printed on odd shiny materials to make it waterproof.

Obviously though I didn’t want to subject any of our nice pictures to bathroom conditions. Thinking around the problem I came up with… disposable art.

A friend had recently liked a website called Present Indicative, which specialises in academic-themed gifts (stick with me). They stock a range of Italian wrapping paper, based on old schoolroom posters and charts, for around £4 a sheet. The paper is a perfect fit for the 50 x 70 Ikea Fiskbo frame. Et voila…A piece of art for around £10, and minimal trauma if it succumbs to the damp.

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