Lucky Finds

We weren’t able to keep much of the existing decor, for understandable reasons, but we did have a few lucky finds, including the original hall flooring, more or less safely buried under several layers of carpet and lino. We called someone in to clean it and restore and reset the loose and damaged pieces. Now the rest of the work is done we just need them back for a final clean and polish.

Day One (really minus 90)

A few select pictures from our second viewing – nearly three months before we finally completed on the sale. Some of the challenges included pine paneling, Artex ceilings (complete with asbestos), pebble dash (fortunately on the side and back only), the ‘decorative’ remains of a chimney breast and a rather eccentric shower (without loo or basin) in the rear bedroom.

..A lot to do and our hearts in our mouths

Welcome to The Last House But One

A blog about our house. It’s not the last house because…never say never. And because of the garage at the end of the garden which might one day turn into a granny annex (the original reason for our move).

But we (me + husband, two boys and two cats) hope to live here for a long time.  We’ve spent nearly two years making it as liveable as possible, building on our experience in living in a mirror image house across the road and a lifetime of Pinterest and interiors mags (on my part, not the boys’). This site is about that project, and about our East London neighbourhood – Forest Gate.  Welcome in…img_0033